Create A Gallery Wall

When I started planning out the design for my office, I knew it had to have a gallery wall! I had been researching on Pinterest for months, trying to get an idea for a layout & the best way to go about collecting frames and prints. I soon realized that there were a million different ways to construct a gallery wall layout, so instead of trying to mimic one from Pinterest, I followed a few basic steps & created a design that is all my own!

Choose frame color/colors and start collecting them in various shapes and sizes! I decided to go with gold picture frames, but I was unable to purchase them all from the same store! In total all of my frames came from about 4 different stores! Shop around until you find exactly what your’re looking for size wise! One thing to remember is that all your frames should have the same finish/tone if you’re sticking to one color! I had to put several frames back while shopping after realizing that they weren’t as metallic or light gold as the frames I had already collected! My favorite places to shop for frames on a budget include Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, & Homesense.


Add fun POP’s of decor into your wall layout for balance & fun! Adding a few pieces to your wall really makes it feel like a collage, which I absolutely love! As you can see, I added a metallic gold “K”, small “hello” sign, as well as a burst! They really helped me to balance out the frames & break the layout up a bit.


Decide on prints OR pictures. When I first started printing photos for the frames, I had some prints I had purchased from artists on Etsy, as well as a few photos of myself and friends. As I was putting the pieces together, I realized these would not look good all mixed up together; I needed to do one or the other! After further shopping on Etsy, I soon decided this would be a Disney print themed gallery wall!  I couldn’t get over how great the prices were & how easy it was to just buy, download & print! All of the prints I used are linked below!

Lay your frames & wall art out on the floor first, and play around with the layout. It really is like putting together a puzzle! I must have rearranged my frames 100 times before deciding on the right set up! It really does help to lay them all out in front of you and play with them until it feels right!


Protip: Use Command Velcro to hang your gallery wall, not nails. In the event that you change your mind on the layout, or want to swap out a frame, etc., it will be way easier to rearrange if you don’t hammer a bunch of holes into the wall. My entire gallery wall is hung up with Velcro!

img_8538– Magic Kingdom Black & White Land List

– Ariel Pink Dress Watercolor

– “Chip” from Beauty and The Beast

– “Hello” Gold Metallic Sign

– Cinderella’s Castle Watercolor

– Elsa & Olaf

– *The Purple Wall Photo I took myself, email me for the print!

– Disney Girl with Balloons Square

I can’t wait to create more gallery walls in our new home! Click here to check out my whole home office! 

XO,   Kara

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