Designing A Bright Work Space

While the natural, all-white aesthetic is definitely on trend on right now, color will never go out of style! Decorating your home with colors that make you happy is never something you should shy away from! While I’m not suggesting you paint you whole house orange (that might be a bit much, but you do you!)  I am advocating that you stay true to what you love! Color is so very important to consider when you start planning out any room, especially spaces like offices, craft rooms, or any other room where you will be creating and working. I know personally, I need to feel inspired when I sit down to write for the blog, sew a new project, or paint/sketch in my free time. When you begin to plan out a space that is specifically for you, make it your own. What’s your favorite color? What inspires you? What’s your favorite quote? What are you going to be doing in the space?   Let’s start mapping it out.

Let’s take my office space for instance. Pink is by far my color, but I know that painting a smaller room hot pink is probably not the best idea for me because darker hues on the wall will make the room feel smaller. So, I found the lightest hue of pink I could (Pink Wink, by Valspar) and painted all four walls! Now, I can accent my room with hot pink furniture, décor and so on! (I just wanted an excuse to order a pink couch, let’s be honest!)  Accenting color with color is 100% doable, just make sure you’re staying true to the foundation (walls & flooring color) that you’ve laid for yourself.

Creating your focal point is the next thing on the map! When someone walks into the room, where will their eye immediately go? Start by asking yourself what the most important item in the room will be, what do you want people to see first? You create your focal point with either an accent wall, or bold piece of furniture. For me, I went with a bold hot pink tufted sofa on the raised upper level of my office! In the middle of my space, there are 2 small steps up to another platform. Placing the statement sofa on the upper level not only raises it above the rest of the room, but it makes it focal the second you walk in because it’s closer to eye level. If you’re room is all one level, focus more on the wall/walls adjacent to the door!

Next, I like to pick the neutrals I am going to use when picking out other furniture items. Since my focal point is the pink sofa, the other furniture I purchase for my office needs to be complimentary to the 2 shades of pink I’ve chosen. White & Gold are typically my go-to colors when it comes to furniture and they will help to keep my colorful space light and airy! If you like darker toned hues, navy or gray are always great accent options as well that can also be used as neutrals with brighter colors! The neutral pieces I added to my space include 2 white area rugs, a white desk with gold hardware, and a white coffee table accented with a gold hostess tray to tie everything together!

Last but not least, it’s time to deck the walls! This is where I really like to get creative! Choose pieces that inspire you! Letter boards, quote blocks, inspiration boards (more on that later!) or artwork! (Evelyn Henson is one of my fav artists!)  Really dive into what gets your wheels turning; for me that means bright colors, printed accent curtains, photos of friends and family, and loads of the letter K! I love to use my name, monogram or initials in my décor! If you’re feeling really creative & have the wall space, you can design your own gallery wall like I did! This can be tedious but SO worth the end result! I will be writing a whole separate post on how I created mine & what frames and prints I used, so look out for that!

Now, it’s time to enjoy your space!  Be proud of your vision & seeing it through! I know I’ve had a visualization of my dream office in my mind for years! Sometimes I just like to sit on my pink sofa and look around; I can’t believe it’s finally a reality! Home renovation projects can seem daunting when you think about them all at once, but with a mapped out plan it’s so easy if you just take it step by step! *Stay tuned next week for a full reveal of my personal office!* 

Thanks for reading this post about Creating Colorful Workspaces! Be sure to check out my always updated Shop Home Décor  post with items you can shop right now! Until next time!

XO,   Kara


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