My Favorite Instagram Accounts!

This week on the Tuesday Tea, I have decided to share with you the 5 Instagram accounts I can’t live without! I am a huge fan of them & I know you will be too! I don’t want you to miss out on all the amazing content they’re creating, so go hit the follow button!!

@thedogist : I mean need I say more? Dogs, dogs & more dogs! I know there are trillions of dog accounts on Instagram, but let me tell you why you need to follow this one! This account is run by a photographer who resides in NYC & spends her time photographing dogs everywhere she goes! She stops random strangers, asks them about their dogs, takes the BEST photos of the pup & then posts them with a fun caption that always includes a funny fact the owner shared with her about their dog! If you’re a dog person like myself, do yourself a favor and go follow her!

@kathleen_barnes : Kathleen is the queen of the blogosphere & I’m here to tell you why! Not only does she run a wildly successful blog at, but she is also the REALEST human I have ever encountered via Instagram! We have emailed back & forth & I just absolutely adore her! I live for her Instastories because I know every time she posts one it’s going to make me laugh out loud & remember that it’s okay to be unapologetically myself when blogging! Her outfit inspo is on point & always inspires me to try mixing and matching pieces that I never thought would work together! If you’re looking for a fresh & original style approach, check her out!

@dominomag : If you’re an interior design lover like me, this is one magazine account that you will love. I draw so much inspiration for decor & color mixing that I really can’t find anywhere else! I love to see all of the different aesthetics, especially since I will soon be decorating my own home! This is the only magazine account I would ever recommend to ya’ll; its no drama & all interior magic!

@erinoprea :  Whether you’ve got a healthy lifestyle & workout routine already established OR you’re like me and have so much going that you’re trying to get it together; Erin Oprea is the girl for you! While she is best known for being Carrie Underwood’s personal trainer, she is also always sharing her workout tips with her followers! You can workout via video sessions with her, participate in her morning workout routines on her Instagram story, or download her app for clean eating recipe’s! She is such an upbeat, entertaining & motivational force that ya’ll need in your life!

@fairytalefoodie & @onceuponapparel : This is a 2-part recommendation because both accounts are run by the same person! Katie & her husband have a small business creating unique Disney inspired clothing called Once Upon Apparel! So, on this account they showcase really pretty photos of their products being worn around Walt Disney World! ( I have a shirt from them that I LOVE & Katie is SO sweet & helpful!)  @fairytalefoodie is Katie’s personal blog where she basically tells you how to eat your way through the parks! She is also a HUGE gluten free eater, so she has lots of great options that you probably didn’t even know existed!

So hop on your Insta & give these wildly wonderful accounts a follow! It’s SO important to me to promote people who I think are doing such a great job! I promise you will absolutely love their content! Let me know what some of your favorite accounts are that I should check out! I would LOVE to know!

XO   Kara  img_2519

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