Etsy Shop Recommendations!

  1. Sweet Georgia Designs: This past June I ordered a Magic Band decal for my trip to Walt Disney World! This shop offers decal wraps for both the original style band, and the newer slightly different shaped Magic Band 2.0! You can pick from so many different Lilly Pulitzer inspired patterns, glitter, and so much more! I really researched the best quality bands and this shop had the BEST reviews for the lifespan of the decals! My Magic Band got wet and spent 6 days in the Florida humidity and never peeled up or faded! Her prices are great & the product is excellent quality!
  2. Bippity Boppity Buttons: Just last month I ordered a custom button from this shop and I am OBSSESSED with it! Not only does she have tons of Disney button designs to choose from, but her shop offers custom buttons for all of my fellow Disney College Program Alum! You can pick any animated character to feature in the center, and she will write your program year and name on the button! They are SO cute; I love anything with a personal touch! I of course got the boss man himself on my button & added it to my other button collection on my backpack which I purchased from…
  3. Mouse Necessities: SO many character buttons with movie references to pick from! I have ordered 3 so far and wore them on my backpack the whole week we were at Disney and got SO many compliments! Multiple people asked me where they could order some for themselves! I gave one as a gift to a friend whole also did the college program, and she LOVED it! It’s such a cute little present Check out the ones I picked below!  img_9378.jpg
  4. The Polka Dot Emporium: If you’ve seen photos of my Lilly Pulitzer inspired Minnie Ears on Instagram and wondered where to grab yourself a pair, look no further! This shop has loads of different Lilly Prints to choose from with practically any color sequin bow to make them really pop! My ears are the “Quill Out” print with a Mint colored bow! I love these ears because the headbands are soft and do not give me a headache or hurt my ears! When not wearing them around the parks, they are hanging on my bedroom wall; such a cute little pop of Disney in my room!
  5. Jacob Wallace Designs: If you don’t already follow the shop on Instagram, let me fill you in! Shop owner Rebecca is an amazing seamstress and makes the most beautiful Lilly Pulitzer inspired Christmas Stockings! I just received my second purchase from her this week and I seriously cannot brag about the quality enough! Usually when I order something embroidered with my name or monogram, there is a stitch or 2 that’s missing or messed up, but NOT with this shop! The embroidery is thick which makes it very visible, and neat as a pin! The stockings have a thick batting inside them which make them perfect for hanging because they never lose their shape! I personally keep mine hanging up on the wall all year round!
  6. Fabric Bows For Days: About 2 weeks ago I placed an order for a crocheted koozie that features a printed bow embroidered on the front! The turnaround time was about 2 weeks, but the product was beautiful and definitely lived up to my expectations!  This koozie fits all size Starbucks cups, and other cups similar in size! I love how small and compact it is to keep in my purse in case I need it! You can pick from an array of yarn colors & bow prints; I personally ordered “Purple Wall Purple” yarn with a bow in the Lilly Pulitzer print “Shrimply Chic!” img_3696.jpg
  7. Dockside Designs: When I purchased my Jeep Renegade the first thing I did was hop on Etsy and order myself a monogram decal, duh! I have had the flamingo decal in “Hot Pink First Impressions” on my Jeep for over 2 years now! (I took this photo below today, that’s how great it still looks!) Its withstood tons of rain & snow and looks absolutely perfect! There are tons of shapes, fonts and prints to pick from! I can’t recommend this shop enough for outdoor decals!
  8. My Monogram Styles: When I started my new job in February I was on a mission to make my workspace bright and fun! I ordered a monogrammed mousepad for $10 and after 8 months of using it, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the quality! The print and monogram are directly printed on the pad so nothing sticks up or peels; it still looks the same as the day I got it! I personally picked the Lilly Pulitzer  “Hot Pink First Impressions” print with a hot pink monogram! I really can’t get over the great quality for such an affordable price! img_0687.jpg

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