Organization for Working & Learning Virtually

It’s that time of year again, but my oh my is it different! This year I am excited to collab with Mapiful to share my tips for organizing your work or school day! Mapiful launched their Back2School initiative this month & sent me one of their custom art prints to help spruce up my workspace! They have maps of every city you can think of, including star maps! I love how you can customize the colors of your map, too! Check out mine below! I, of course, picked London since that’s where we’re headed on our honeymoon! It turned out so nice! (Mine is the 18×24 size!)

You know I love a bright & fun workspace, so the more decor the better! Besides being an avid decorator, I also love to find new ways to get motivated & stay organized! Working a 9-5, wedding planning, and blogging can be a LOT to stay on top of! Here are a few things that help me keep it all together!

  1. Set calendar reminders on your phone for bills, deadlines, meetings, etc. I always set an alert to go off the day before AND the day of to make sure everything is ready to go at least 24 hours in advance. My phone is always with me, so even if you normally prefer a paper planner, get in the habit of utilizing your phone alerts, too!
  2. Make use of the Notes app on your phone. Inspiration, ideas or something you cant forget can pop into your head at any time! I always have tons of Notes on my phone full of blog ideas, photos to shoot, my Target shopping list, you name it! Like I said, it’s always with you, so make use of it!
  3. Use Post It notes in your planner to organize events and ideas that you’re trying to schedule. This way you can move them around with ease, instead of having to cross things out or use a pencil.
  4. Set aside a specific day for things you need to do weekly. For instance, I always blog on Tuesday’s, this way I have a day dedicated to this one task every week. This will help you map out your week & be sure you accomplish everything you need to on time.
  5. Have a designated workspace at home. Trying to learn/work on the couch or in bed can make concentrating difficult. If you don’t have a desk or home office, try setting up shop at the dining room table, or somewhere similar. It’s important to still have a separation between work/school and home; this will really help!

If you like my Mapiful print, you can order your own right here! Buy any 2 items, and receive 20% off right now with the Back2School campaign!

**Click HERE to download the FREE Back2School Kit from Mapiful with tons of activities! **

Cheers to Fall!

XO, Kara

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