Wedding Planning Tips

Hey Bridal Babes!

Wedding planning has been such a roller coaster this year, am I right?! Its been hard to stay positive & keep planning when so much is up in the air. Even though 2020 has been a crazy year, I’ve decided not to let it rain on my wedding day parade! We have to stick together in times like these, so I wanted to put together an easy little list of wedding planning tips for you no matter what stage of planning you’re in!


Stock up on the free reusable bags vendors hand out. At every wedding showcase, event, etc. where vendors are displayed they are ALWAYS handing out reusable bags! I collected over 6 bags at just 2 events! Grab them when you see them, and use them to organize things for your big day! (Mens Wearhouse has HUGE ones, so handy!) I have one bag for groomsmen gifts and one for bridesmaids, one for my things I bought for the day of, and then another for odds & ends that go into the reception. Use them for whatever you need!

Make a list & start setting aside things for your photographer. I have a separate bag put together with an extra invitation. save the date, etc. for my photographer to use the day of. I know she will want to take some flat-lay photos and plan to include things like our monogram ring box, extra flower scraps from my bouquet (ask the florist to save these for you!), as well as any other personal items you want photographed! The more you plan ahead for these things, the more enjoyable the morning of will be!

Not sure where to register? Target is the answer & here’s why. I was so unsure where to register because there were a lot of different things we needed, but I only wanted to register at one place for ease! Target not only has lots of products on their own, obviously, but they also let you add items to your registry from other retailers! GAME. CHANGER. I was able to register for items from Shop Disney, Home Depot, Corelle, and more! You name it, and you can register for it with Target! This makes it a one-stop-shop for your guests!

Treat yourself to fluffy & comfy slippers. Okay this might be a given but DO IT! I got myself the cutest, fluffy ” I DO” slippers & I can’t wait to use them! You can wear them for getting ready of course, but I also plan to have them on hand in case my feet start to hurt at the reception! I picked up mine for $20 and I couldn’t loved them more! You can shop them right here!  


Shop early & spread out purchasing gifts for your bridal party & family. Our wedding is in November, and I started purchasing my bridesmaids gifts in February! I pride myself on being a great gift-giver, and my wedding is definitely no exception! More than that, I knew gifts would be expensive, so I didn’t want to have to pay for all of them at one time! I decided on a few gift ideas and started ordering one per month! Now all of our gifts are set, and all we have to do in November is wrap them up! Don’t put it off til the last minute, your wallet will thank you!

BONUS TIP** Hire a “Day Of” Wedding Planner. Before I started planning our wedding, I had no idea how many different packages wedding planners offer! I never thought I needed a planner, and I had no intentions of hiring one. My venue required a “Day Of” planner, and I was really apprehensive about it at first, but let me just tell you how thrilled I am to have one now! Not only is a “Day Of” planner much more affordable than hiring a full on wedding planner, but its made me feel so relaxed about all the little things I need done the day of the wedding! With a few check-in meetings throughout the planning process, accompanying us on our final walk-through, and full service the day of of our wedding, I couldn’t imagine not having one now! From arranging centerpieces, place cards and decor, to keeping the whole day running on schedule, a “Day Of” planner is something I never knew I needed! Be sure to look into this more budget-friendly way of having a wedding planner!

Cheers to Bridal Bliss!

XO, Kara



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