Coffee Mug Roundup & Wall Rack DIY

Quarantine has us doing all kinds of home projects we’ve been saving for a rainy day! Anyone else sitting around the house thinking of what they could do next!? This week Tyler built me a coffee mug rack for the kitchen to display my collection! (& believe me, there’s a TON!) The rack has a little decorative shelf on top, and holds 10 mugs in total! You could obviously build a larger (or smaller) rack depending on the space you have! 

All of our materials for this project came from Lowes! All you need is wood panels, your choice of hooks for the mugs, screws, stain or spray paint (we used spray white chalk paint!) and anchors to hang it! (+ a drill for assembly!) Here is how it turned out! (See the space Before & After!)


Ready to fill your new mug rack? Here are some of my coffee mug picks to add to your collection! Tap the mug to shop!

Cheers to creating a bright & fun space!

XO,  Kara 


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