Winc Wine Subscription

This week on I am teaming up with Winc, an online monthly wine subscription company! When they reached out, Tyler and I were so excited because we absolutely LOVE to try new wine! It’s not always affordable to grab new wine & test them out; but with Winc it is! When you create an account, Winc will give you a little pop quiz to help them recommend the best bottles of wine for you to try! It was really fun to see my results & read up on these new-to-me wines from all over the world! Winc will customize a box of bottles for you, but don’t worry; you can swap them out if there is a different kind you have your eye on! Your first box will come with a booklet that details how wine is made, and tons of different kinds you can try! It was such a fun thing for Tyler & I to do together! If you sign up with my link you will receive $22 off your order& pay absolutely nothing extra for shipping!

Click here to get started with my offer at Winc!


Tyler & I loved our Winc box so much, we recorded our first IGTV video this week & did a tasting of the 4 bottles we got! Tyler loves dry wine & I prefer sweet; there were plenty of options for us both to choose from! Definitely check them out & let us know what wine you like best! We just might grab another box & have to test out your rec’s as well! 🙂

Well, as they say, “Clink, Clink, Welcome to Winc!”

Please feel free to DM or email me with any questions you might have at! Don’t forget to check out our IGTV debut over on Instagram, too!

XO, Kara


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