Enso Rings

This week I am so excited to be sharing a new-to-me brand that I have fallen in love with! Enso Rings was kind enough to send Tyler & I a few products to try out! We both selected a few rings: I picked a few for everyday accessorizing, and some specifically to wear as substitutes for our engagement & wedding rings! I had heard of Enso before, but had never tried out their products because I thought they were strictly wedding ring substitutes! I had no idea how many different style rings AND bracelets they have to offer! After 3 weeks of wearing my Enso Rings, here is why you should try them out, too!

Clean & Comfortable

Enso makes silicone rings that are so comfortable, I honestly forget I’m wearing them! They are so soft and easy to get on & off! I had worries that fuzz and lint would stick to them buts not an issue at all! One of my rings is white, and its never stained or changed color at all!


An Affordable Solution

For Tyler, Enso Rings are the perfect solution when it comes to being safe at work! Wearing an expensive metal ring could be dangerous for him, so a silicone one that can be cut off is an easy answer! Maybe your guy would rather wear a silicone, comfortable ring anyway, so opt for Enso over spending a ton of money on a ring he’ll never wear!

Perfect for Everyday

The amount of styles and sizes Enso Rings carries truly took me by surprise! I had no idea they had so many different colors, widths, textures, etc.! I’ve been wearing 2 of my rings since the day I got them (almost 3 weeks now without taking them off!) and I can’t get over how comfortable they are! There are so many neutral pieces you can order that will go with everything!

Kara’s Pick!

The Stackable Enso Rings are by far my favorite style they offer! I have 2 of the Stackable Braided bands (one in Pink Sands, and one in White) stacked together that I wear every day! I also opted for 2 of the Beaded Stackable rings, in Glacier and Misty Gray! I love that I can mix & match them! Additionally, I also tested out the Thin Elements Ring in Diamond, which is a great substitute for my engagement ring!


Tyler’s Pick!

After trying out three different styles, Tyler’s favorite is definitely Classic Bevel Silicone Ring in the color Pine! He really likes how thin & lightweight this one is! Additionally, he also tested out the Classic Elements Silicone Ring in Black Pearl!

Be sure to use this link to receive 25% off & FREE shipping at checkout!

Please let me know if you have any questions! I know you’re going to love Enso Rings as much as I do! Its so fun to find new brands to check out, isn’t it?!

XO,  Kara


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