Holiday Party Planning Series Week 3: Menu Inspiration

Hey ya’ll! Happy Thanksgiving week! Today I’m sharing a few fun ideas to incorporate into your party menu! Its no secret that I’m not a food blogger and my cooking skills are definitely not advanced! Haha! So, when it comes to planning out my menu, I always turn to Pinterest for inspiration; I love to find new, fun ways to serve things that are so simple! Here are a few ideas I have saved that you can expect to see at my holiday soiree!

(Disclaimer: I do NOT own these images & am linking my Pinterest board below so that you can access them via their rightful owners! 🙂


Click here to explore these menu ideas!

LOTS more inspiration for you party including menu, drinks and decor can be found by clicking right HERE!

Get ready for Week 4, Home Decor coming up next week! This is my area of expertise & I cannot wait to share my home for the holidays with you!

XO,   Kara



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