Professionally Bright: Shop Office & Stationary

So the other day I was watching an episode of Friends with Tyler; the one where Ross is rushing everyone to get ready for his awards ceremony. Rachel was super annoyed with him, so she said she was going to stay home and catch up on her correspondents. Tyler was like, “What does that mean?? Correspondents??” Ya’ll I was floored. I was like, “Ya know, snail mail, greeting cards, letters, duh!” These days everyone just texts you to say “Whats Up?” or “How Are You?” or send you an invite to a party via Facebook events. I don’t know about you, but I’m so NOT into that! It’s not personable at all! I could spend hours (and trust me, I have!) sifting through greeting, birthday, wedding and thank you card’s at TJ Maxx and Home Goods! I love to buy boxes of cards & I’m always the first Christmas card you get in the mail!

Today I’m sharing my picks for stationary & every accessory you could possibly dream of for your office! I’m even linking my Christmas card from 2018 (which I’m still obsessed with!), my housewarming invites, favorite artist to shop with & all things PINK!

Evelyn Henson is by far my favorite artist to order cards, prints & personalized items from! Her artwork is so bright & fun, I can’t get enough of it! While I of course give her greeting cards on special occasions, I also love to use them for décor! Each one is a little art print, so why not! I have 6 of her greeting cards strung on glitter ribbon & clipped up with pink clothespins around my cubicle walls at work! They are SO fun & certainly brighten up my work space! I also picked up this personalized dog mug on her site, where I picked out a watercolor look-a-like of Oakley & had his name written on it! I own a million coffee mugs, but this one will always be my favorite! Shop all Evelyn Henson products right here, or follow the links below to head straight to mugs & greeting cards!

Greeting Cards by Evelyn Henson

Personalized Dog Mug by Evelyn Henson


  1. Puppy Desk Phone Stand
  2. “Join Us!” Invitation by Bliss Collections
  3. Pink Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo
  4. Zoomerang Flamingo, Pineapple & Palm Assorted Cards with Gold Foil
  5. Acrimet Premium Tape Dispenser in Pink
  6. Fashionista Flamingo Holiday Cards
  7. Pink Bostitch Ascend 3 in 1 Stapler
  8. Floral Thank You Card Box Set
  9. Large Pink Curve Scissors
  10. Lilly Pulitzer Correspondence Cards Box
  11. Round Ceramic Table Lamp Pale Pink
  12. Luxury Rose Gold Ballpoint Writing Pens
  13. Creative Flamingo Gel Ink Pen Set
  14. Hexagon Metal Pen Cup Set in Rose Gold or Gold


To quote Evelyn Henson, I hope these products help you to lead a “brightly decorated life!”

XO, Kara


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