Succulent & Cacti Planting

Ever since moving into our new home, I have gotten super into planting & caring for succulents, cacti and tropical plants! My greenhouse window in the kitchen is FULL of beautiful greenery that I love taking care of! In this post, I will walk you through step-by-step how to plant succulents and cacti into coffee cups, or any other fun containers you might find!


*These instructions are specifically for potting in a container/pot without drainage (i.e a coffee mug or anything else with no holes in the bottom.)*

Step 1:  Add a thin layer of horticultural charcoal to the bottom the mug/pot. This charcoal will help to detoxify the soil & prevent molding or rotting.

Step 2: Add a thin layer of desert sand on top of the charcoal. This will help with drainage.

Step 3: Add a layer of small rocks or pebbles about ½ inch thick. This also helps to drain through access water.

Step 4: Add cacti & succulent potting soil and fill in to about an inch from the top of the mug/pot.

Step 5: Create a hole in the center of the soil to place the plant inside. Be sure to break up the soil at the base of the plants roots when removing it from its disposable pot. Once the plant is in the soil, fill the mug/pot in the rest of the way with soil, creating support for the plant’s stem.

Step 6: Feel free to add gems, seashells or any other little décor you’d like! (Optional!)


PRO TIP 1: Start a collection of care cards for each plant you purchase! All succulents and cacti have their own unique needs when it comes to water & light! I recommend getting into a routine ( i.e., watering them every morning, or ever Sunday, etc.)

PRO TIP 2: If your plants ever start to change color, don’t panic! Simply google search the type of plant, and read into its maturing/aging characteristics. One of my succulents leaves began to turn a dark red and feel very dry! I googled the type of plant I have, and this is what happens when leaves are aging and falling off! It was totally normal!

PRO TIP 3: If leaves are falling off/drying out/dying; don’t panic! Assess the plant, and look for signs of any new growth! If new leaves/buds are beginning to take shape, your plant is still in good health!

PRO TIP 4: My favorite places to look for cute mugs or pots is always TJ MAXX or Home Goods! They always have a huge selection, some larger mug options & super affordable prices!

Thanks for stopping by!

XO,  Kara


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