Winter Skin Care

Cetaphil Facewash:  The perfect cleanser for temperamental skin. Not only is this face wash dermatologist recommended, but it also comes in a specific form just for us gals with super sensitive skin! I use this wash nightly, in the shower, AFTER pre-washing my face with body wash. It smells very clean and is a clear, more gel-like consistency; again nothing heavy and thick on my face! Cetaphil will leave your face feeling smooth and oil-free; it really helps me to tackle my T-zone where breakouts tend to happen more often! img_5728

Tarte Drink of H20: First we have my all-time favorite moisturizer by Tarte cosmetics! Totally worth its $39 price tag, this vegan gel moisturizer is so unbelievably hydrating! I have super sensitive skin, so anything I put on has to be light and breathable or I will break out! This literally feels like putting water on your face; it is so light, cooling and smooth! A little goes a VERY long way when applying; I bought my tub last winter and I am still using the same one! I apply this to my face after showering, right before bed, and it really helps to soothe my skin from the wind, cold & makeup it’s been exposed to all day.  I cannot recommend this product enough! img_5730

Hempz Triple Moisture Herbal Body Creme:  Dry hands? Elbows? Knees? Here is ONE product that will tackle it all! Hempz is all natural and whipped lotion making it very light & NOT greasy! There are a number of Hempz lotions I use, but this one is perfect for all areas and skin types! When it comes to dry, cracked skin I toss out all of those Bath and Body works fragranced lotions, and spend a few more dollars on something that will really get the job done. img_5729

Rebels Refinery Pineapple Lip Balm is a newer product I recently purchased from Ulta! After a few weeks I’ve decided it’s one of my favs! I need a good chapstick but I hate thick and clumpy products that look and feel a mess! This is a super light, no color, but good coverage balm! It is very lightly scented & contains coconut milk AND vitamin E! The super cute packaging is a major plus too, obviously!

Do you have tips & products that you swear by?! Let me know what else I need to try this season!

XO Kara

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