Disney Vaca: Things To Buy BEFORE You Go!

Hey ya’ll! As many of you know, I just came home from one of my favorite Disney trips yet! Lets be real, no trip to Disney is a bad one, but this time I really planned EVERYTHING out ahead of time down to the very last detail! This is the first trip that I had outfits picked out for each specific day (of course with extra options, just in case) and everything came together so perfectly! If you’ve been following along on my Insta, you know that I visited all the parks & that I wore a lot of Disney-themed outfits & accessories! I’ll be the first one to tell you, I did NOT buy ANY of these items at Disney World, because lets be honest… who can afford to? The clothing, bags, ears, etc are SO marked up at the parks its crazy! The secret to getting everything you want from your fav movies and rides is simple AND affordable…. buy it BEFORE you go! It is so easy to shop early and plan your outfits out accordingly now with Etsy, the Disney Store, and of course all the amazingly creative small business shops online! In this post, I have rounded up the items I bought to wear before my trip that made my vacation EXTRA magical! Take a look!

  • “Mainstreet Magic” V-Neck from Once Upon Apparel : This top is my favorite one that I wore on my trip because not only is it super pretty & perfect for a day at the Magic Kingdom, but its also VERY soft and lightweight! I ordered the Rose Gold option of this shirt which is unavailable at the moment, but you can shop the other colors it comes in now! (They do have a Rose Gold Collection of other tops available now as well!)  I personally LOVE supporting these little online shops because not only are their “Disney inspired” products totally original and one-of-a-kind, but they are SUPER affordable! A top like this would likely run you around $40 in the parks, but at Once Upon Apparel you can grab one for only $24.95! This sweet couple has TONS of original designs and you will die over the packaging it arrives in; filled with Mickey shaped confetti & few more magical touches!   img_9611
  • Magic Band Decal by “Sweet Georgia Designs” : If you’ve vacationed in Disney in the last 5 years, you know that Magic Bands are the new key to everything! They unlock your resort room, grant your admission to the parks, as well as store all of your fast passes by just a quick scan! Since this band is an accessory necessity  all day everyday, why not make it pretty! Disney already allows you to pick a solid color for your band, but with Sweet Georgia Designs on Etsy, you can pick basically any print or monogram option you can think of to really make yours pop! I cannot tell you how many people came up to me to tell me they loved my Magic Band & ask where I got it! The vinyl decals from Sweet Georgia Designs hold up SO well; mine never peeled back or faded! If your band is newer, be sure to order the 2.0 decal, as the shape of the bands has changed recently! 🙂 Here’s my band!
  • Disney Buttons by “Mouse Necessities” : One of my favorite things I did this trip was order a few character buttons to pin to my backpack! I had a hard time not going crazy in this Etsy shop because there were just so many that I loved! This was yet another item that I kept receiving questions about; everyone wanted to know where they could order their own! At only $4.00 each, who wouldn’t want to stock up? 🙂 img_9378
  • NEW Toy Story Distressed T-Shirt : If you frequent the Disney Store, you know that recently they have started making more and more items for adults! It’s no surprise that in doing so, they made sure to include new Toy Story merch for the new land that is set to open at Walt Disney World Resort at the end of June! This new Toy Story top has a boxy, flowy fit with red sleeves on a white shirt! It also features ALL of the toys from the movie! It was a huge hit when I met Buzz & Woody at Hollywood Studios! I hope Disney makes more tops in this material and style because it was so lightweight & comfortable to wear all day in the parks! Grab yours just in time for the opening of Toy Story Land! 🙂 img_9244.jpg
  • Target Disney for Men : Last but certainly not least, I have to tell you about the Disney Men’s collection that Target has! When we first planned our trip, my boyfriend didn’t own a single Disney shirt! He now has 4-5 thanks to the $10.00 character tee’s Target is now carrying, including: Donald Duck (featured below) Mickey, The Lion King & a Pizza Planet pocket tee that Tyler is now obsessed with! The link above will take you to the WHOLE collection so you can shop it all now! img_9002

What are some of YOUR favorite Disney essentials?! Let me know!

XO  Karaimg_2519

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