Hunter X Target Collab!

Hi Everyone!

Today on the blog I am talking allllll about the new collaboration that Target launched on April 14th with Hunter! This was definitely their biggest collab since Lilly Pulitzer & it sold fast! I made the mistake of not going bright and early last time, so this go round I had a plan! My best friend Emily & I got to Target at 6 am (2 hours before they opened) and were the first ones there! Around 7 am LOTS of people started showing up, coffee in hand. By the time Target opened there were 50 or more people in line behind us… I’ve never seen grown adults running through Target before, but this was every man for themselves! People were grabbing carts FULL of backpacks, boots, clothes, and duffel bags!  Thankfully I had Emily to help me make sure we got everything we wanted… and then some! Within minutes the women’s short boots were sold out, as well as the backpacks and other big bags. It was absolutely crazy, but well worth the effort! In the middle of complete chaos I managed to grab:  women’s short pink rain-boots, 2 large backpacks (red and black), 1 small navy backpack, 1 pair of hot pink women’s slides, 5 beverage holders, 1 pink zip ID case, and 1 navy raincoat!

Lucky for me, the next day was full of April showers, so I got to break in my new boots & raincoat right away!


I visited my Target again the next day just for fun, and was able to grab the hot pink beverage holder I wanted that I couldn’t find yesterday! So if you would like to shop the available items for the collection, its not too late! Stop by your local Target to see what they still have in stock, or you can shop the collection online right here!

What did YOU get from Hunter x Target?! Let me know!

XO Kara (& my golden retriever, Zoey 🙂 image5.jpeg

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