From My Home To Yours

Hey Ya’ll!

I am SO excited to be sharing on this new section of the blog featuring all of our new home decor & furniture! I’ve Pinterested my whole life for this moment & I’m thrilled to share my finds and styles with you! I sincerely believe that creating a space that speaks to you is so very important for your everyday health and happiness.

When I lived at home, as a teenager I painted my room a dark purple, hung dark curtains, and posters/decor on every free inch of the walls. As I got older, I realized that these dark and heavy colors were really effecting my mood and even contributed to my migraines. About 3 years ago, I repainted and redecorated that bedroom to the lightest shade of mint I could find and accented EVERYTHING in white! I purchased solid white curtains, all white furniture, white wall accents (i.e shelves and frames) that made my room feel so light and bright! I noticed a huge change in myself, and my love to work in my room and spend more time in it because it just made me happy. There was something so refreshing about having a clean, light and simple space that still completely reflected who I am.

As an adult who is decorating and furnishing an entire house for the first time, I am very fixated on every single piece that enters my home being a light and bright reflection of who Tyler and I are both as a couple & as individuals. Tyler has a very rustic, more country style than I do, however I feel that we are meshing our styles together beautifully. The overall vibe in our home could be described as “Coastal Rustic Chic” if you will! Hah! I have to say, I am really enjoying the new challenge of combining our personalities and interests into this style that is totally one of a kind! Of course, being the individuals that we are, we both also have our own dedicated spaces in our home that are just for us! (More on that later!)  Your home is your sanctuary; it should feel like an old friend when you come home from work, unlock the door, and walk into your happy place. This new segment on the blog is very special to me because I am so passionate about designing a home you love. Whether it’s a tiny apartment in a big city, or a 6 bedroom farmhouse in a small town… it’s YOUR home. When I walk in, I want to be able to feel YOU in the colors, in the furniture, in the art on the walls or the flowers on the window sill. I can’t wait to explore what “Home” means to you!

In this corner of the blog I will be sharing my home with you, my color palettes & all of my design inspiration. We will discuss how to style your spaces in ways that reflect you and all the things you love. Better yet, I will also be dishing to you my favorite places to shop for the home, tips & tricks to get you exactly what you want for less, and DIY ideas for us to try together!

I think you’re gonna like it here.

XO       Kara


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