Tarte Cosmetics Product Review!

This week on the blog I have rounded up a few of my new favorite products from Tarte Cosmetics that I highly recommend! I’ve recently become a big fan of Tarte not only because their products really do work, but also because everything is made of natural ingredients AND they are a cruelty free company! It just keeps getting better!


  • Shape Tape Contour Concealer:   I cannot tell you how much I love this concealer! It blends so well with any foundation you use, and lasts all day long! I even put a bit on problem areas where I just need a little extra coverage and blend it out with my foundation to fully cover up break-outs, etc. I use this product every single day & I would never go back to my old concealer. You will love the way this product gives you a matte finished look!
  • Drink of H20 Hydrating Boost Moisturizer:   My skin has been so dry this winter that it has been causing me to break out!  I had to find something to cleanse and hydrate my skin after washing it at night! This moisturizer is thin, clear & goes on your skin as smooth as can be. A little goes a long way, and leaves my face feeling soft and silky. If you’re like me and have very sensitive skin, then this product is perfect for you!
  • Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara:   Let me start by saying how much I hate clumpy mascara. There’s nothing worse than having it get all over your face after you’ve just done your make-up! The reason I like this mascara so much is because the brush is thin and relatively shorter than a few others I’ve tried. This helps the mascara to go on a bit thinner which means NO clumps! I don’t personally use waterproof mascara (you can get a waterproof version) because this is yet another product that lasts all day long! IMG_6793
  • Minutes To Mermaid Brush Set:   O.M.G you NEED this brush set! Seriously, just look at how gorgeous it is! The brushes are unbelievably soft and easy to clean! The set comes with brushes specifically for highlighting, contouring, foundation, & shadow! This is honestly such a good deal for 5 quality brushes! The fact that they have mermaid scales & tails is an added bonus!  image2

Are they any Tarte products that you love?! Be sure to let me know! Thanks for stopping by!

XO  Kara


One thought

  1. I love tarte brushes!! They are soft but not wimpy!! I also love the tarte in bloom matte palette! I’m not a sparkle eyeshadow kinda girl and these shades go with everything! Thanks to you, I’m gonna try the lights, camera, lashes mascara!


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